To carry on the business of high value fish firm and fish hatchery like rui, katla, golda, boal, mrigal and other valuable fishes. To set up IQF plant (individual quick freezing) for the high quality fish feed production and fish harvest processing or preservation. To carry on the business of manufacture, production, seller, distributor, stockiest of all kinds of chemicals, pesticides, equipments, machineries for protection of crops, agro based firms, gardens, hatchery and poultry firms. To carry on the business of manufacture, production and prepare all types of Raw materials, chemicals, primary products for poultry feeds and manufacturing all kinds of poultry feed. To buy, sell, store all kinds of agricultural crops and products, meat, fruits, fish, corns, been, grains, oil seeds, medicines, chemicals, dairy products, farm products, foodstuffs, food materials produced and by-products thereof.

To setup and establish dairy, poultry and organic related all processing work, dairy, poultry and organic related food manufacturing and establish for livestock and poultry disease diagnostic laboratory and hospital industries in anywhere in Bangladesh. To setup great grandparent, grandparent and parent stock firm in anywhere in Bangladesh. To carry on the business of organic agriculture farming like as paddy, popcorn, vegetables, watermelon. To setup potato seeds and flowers to utilize tissue culture on commercially on the basis of information technology. To carry on PC culture, horticulture, plantation, mushroom cultivation, nursery, dairy farming, fruit gardens, vegetable framing, tea cultivation, rubber, animal bidding centre, poultry framing and to acquire lands and to develop them for the said purpose or purposes.

To carry on the business of manufacture, production and prepare all types of agricultural crops, products or otherwise deal in preserving, processing, packing, canning, deep freezing and cold storage of all kinds of egg, chicken, hen, duck, vegetables, agricultural crops and products, meats, fruits, fish, corns, bran’s, grain, seeds, oils, medicines, chemicals, dairy products, farm products, food-stuffs, food products and by products and or for the purpose there of establish, acquire, operate, run, mange, import, install and maintains an existing or new cold storage plants, freezing plants, ice plant or any plants, mills, factories, machinery or any component, part and accessories thereof.

To carry on the business as Egg salesmen, Meat salesmen, Vegetables salesmen, Fish salesmen, Fruit salesman, fishmonger, fritterers, grocers, dairymen, gardeners, nurserymen, planters, cultivators, farmers, food and provisions, dealers, cold storage and depository proprietors, manufacturers, agents and undertakers of agencies generally. To carry on the business of manufacturers, exporters and imports and dealers of foodstuffs and production of every description whether for human, poultry birds or animal consumption or use.

To carry on the business of manufacturer, producer, designer, indenter, importer, exporter, contractor, supplier, stockiest, distributor, commission agent, manager, seller, buyer, mediator, promoter, advertiser, miner, trainer, surveyor, researcher, evaluator, consultant, architect, planner, adviser, technician, engineer, moderator for all kinds of goods, merchandise and services.

To produce, harvest, manufacture, process and market various agricultural items like crops, cereals, grains, pulses, legumes, fruits, vegetables, forage, spices, edible & other oil, mulberry, flowers, foliage, mushrooms & useful fungi, tea, rubber, cotton, cotton products, jute, jute products, leather, fur, wool and products & by-products of any related description.

To sow, plant, transplant, coppice, produce, harvest, process, distribute and market herbs, shrubs, grasses, rushes, sedges, sea foods, weeds, vegetables, fruit trees, medicinal trees, trees of spices or any other trees, plants and timber of economic/commercial vis-à-vis ecological/environmental value. To carry out all kind of Agro-based consultancy or Development services, especially on the area of poultry, Dairy, fishers, Agriculture framing, cultivation of all kinds of Agro-food, plantation of seeds, Nursery.

To attain the business objectives company may enter into partnership, joint-venture, take over or Amalgamate with any other company and also to take loans from bank/other financial institutions in such a manner as may company thinks fit.

To mortgage the property and assets of the company as securities for loans and/or any credit facilities to be given to any associate company or companies or third party and also to give guarantee securing liabilities of such associate company or companies and /or third party.