Owing to long experience in marketing different types of cables in Bangladesh, ZH Group ventured to set up a cable manufacturing plant. Its sister organization Meghna cable Industries Ltd. has long track record in marketing quality cables. Meghna Cable Industries has been the foremost contractor of all major utilities including BPDB, REB, DESCO, DESA, DPDC and PGCB. The main product of Meghna Cable ranges from renewable energy program like as solar home system, solar power plant, solar irrigation project and so on, also Meghna cable makes available Building Wire Cables to Power Cables and Conductors.


Our objective is to work together to supply energy and connect the lives of people, so that society can prosper and progress. We do this in a reliable and safe manner, thanks to the high performance of our cables. We are constantly innovating to meet the changing energy and communications needs of our communities for the present and future.
If we focus on our strong points to create sounder connections between our team and our customers, we can and we will be successful. Our vision is to be the best conductor and cable company, in which it is motivating to work. We focus on four pillars to achieve this. To attain our objectives together, we adopt the fundamental values of taking care, security, integrity, customer service, aspiring to the extraordinary and to teamwork in everything that we do. With our commitment to these values, we defend our philosophy of operating as One Company. Clear in our purpose and dedicated to our objectives, Meghna Cable maintains a specific vision and mission, alongside widely upheld values, which drive all that we do.

Legal Status:

S/N Particular Registration Number
1 City in corporation  C-108221/13
2 Trade License  14/501
3 TIN  683856748896
4 Vat Registration  15021056543

Yearly Production Performance Capacity (per coil):

S/N Product Year-2014 Year-2015 Year-2016 Year-2017 Year 2018
1 Solar Cable 21000 23500 25800 28300 30585
2 House Wiring Cable 14000 15075 17420 19285 21670
3 Power Cable 1000 1025 1080 1115 1145
  Total 36000 39600 44300 48700 53400

*** Per coil = 100 Meter

Environment Health and Safety

Bangladesh is at the forefront of environmental policies, seeking to achieve a sustainable, resource and energy efficient economy. Wire and cable products play an essential part in achieving these objectives. Meghna cable members are fully committed to the highest level of environmental performance. This entails a dedicated environmental focus during cable design, manufacture, use and end-of-life. Meghna cable Environmental, Health and Safety (EHS) Team is actively covering this scope, seeking to ensure a sustainable cable production and cable usage in Bangladesh. At the same time, environmental requirements may neither compromise the safety nor the performance of wire and cable products. Also, such requirements may not undermine the competitiveness of the Bangladesh wire and cable industry. Meghna cable EHS Team is striving to balance these aspects in all its efforts to ensure a sustainable, environmentally sound and safe cable production, use and end-of-life.

Future Plan

Meghna Cable has taken-up an ambitious plan to be implemented in near future to augment the existing Production Capacity to many folds by introduction of sophisticated machinery and Quality Control equipments in its existing plants. Securing a sustainable future business is of critical importance for the wire and cable industry. Meghna cable is actively involved in developing three strategic topics including the following aspects:

Energy Usage
     1. Carbon Footprint
     2. Safety at the work place

For all of the above, Meghna cable EHS team working with Meghna cable member companies as well as National Associations from across Bangladesh to gather intelligence helping to address and tackle the key areas. Naturally, we are also looking to benchmark ourselves against similar industries in Bangladesh so as to maximize our best practices. Ultimately, across our member companies we seek to achieve an improved energy use, improved
environmental and safety performance and to make our industry´s manufacturing and office facilities carbon neutral.

Meghna Cables mission is to manufacture and supply the world standard all kinds of Electric Cables and provide related consultancy service through the people and industry to the nation as well as to the world and take care with brands that help people feel safe, secure and latest technology. As a result, we have grown in size and scope but we have not forgotten roots of our success. We have our own network spread in all over the Country from capital city to all villages.