Meghna Solar Ltd is a private Limited company at Adabar, Dhaka has started his business carrier as a solar convert of renewable energy in Bangladesh. This company has diversified by developing solar energy expertise in a wide range of areas.

Meghna Solar is very popular name in the industrial area of Bangladesh. Its commercial is in 2008. Meghna solar ltd. especially works to convert of renewable energy in Bangladesh. It has tremendous technical growths in not only power conditioning but also efficient energy management and automation. It nomenclature is “Meghna Solar Ltd & management” behind the reasons. Meghna solar ltd has lot of reputation on AC and DC dries in power Electronics & energy sector of Bangladesh. It has a well-equipped R&D department engineering compliance of products. Its long signifies the symbol of electronic & renewable energy analyzer of power.

We are active in the private sectors and adjust our methods and contracts to meet the specific needs of each customers and project. Our solar company has become familiar to all the prospective clients as a successful solar system supplier.


Meghna solar Ltd envisage competitive, high quality electronic & electrical manufacturing solar homes system, solar irrigation, solar mini grid, solar on grid & solar off grid. Any kind of renewable energy service and individualized customer service, while encouraging employee creativity, motivation and Team work in a continuously improving Environment.


  • Develop customer relationships which provide services tailored to specific needs.
  • Provide employees with on-going training to enhance knowledge and skills develop problem solving and decision making abilities and offer opportunities for advancement.
  • Apply cost effective production systems and sound fiscal planning.
  • Utilize continuous process improvement strategies to ensure the highest quality products and services.


  • Work closely with our customers to understand their needs and provide high quality provide and services.
  • Recognize the strengths of those we work with and focus our efforts on helping them overcome their weakness.
  • Treat all individuals with courtesy, dignity and respect.
  • Work together as a team to provide quality services.
  • Provide a work environment which motivates our employees and encourages independence, co-operation, respect and honor.


Meghna Solar ltd ensure after sales and services to all delighted customer in shortage possible time Meghna solar ensure its services within 08 business hours inside Dhaka and also surrounding it outlets and 24business hours outside of Dhaka.

Our Prime Activities

  • Manufacture
  • Import
  • Supply
  • Installation
  • Technical support and training
  • Service & others

Our Supports

  • Solar home system packs (SHS)
  • Solar irrigation system
  • Solar mini grid system
  • Solar on grid system
  • Solar off grid system
  • Solar charge controller (10A-150A)
  • Solar Optimizer
  • Solar LED Tube light (DC-AC)
  • Solar LEAD Acid Battery (30AH~130AH)
  • Solar Wiring cable
  • Solar Battery cable
  • AC-DC switch
  • AC-DC switch Box (1gang-2gang)
  • Holder
  • Solar Panel (10w~250w)
  • Solar Stand Fan
  • Solar Ceiling Fan
  • Solar LED TV
  • Solar LCD monitor
  • Solar on grid inverter
  • Solar off grid inverter
  • Solar water pump

Safety Matters

Our Company always follows the basic safety requirements and has setup the following system that shall be followed in all projects.

The safety shall consist of:

  • Hazard detection
  • Hazard and accident preparation
  • Accident remedy
  • Instruction, Name, Telephone Number and Address of the Doctors and Clinic to go.

For the individual a safety Manager shall is an assigned that has to control the entire operation of the particular project 24 hours a day until completion. He reports to safety Manager to whom he is directly responsible.


Import is one of the important components of our business. Company always gives a need based import on the mentioned materials in solar system project.

These are:

  • Off Grid inverter/ On Grid Inverter / Solar water pump
  • Poly crystalline silicon solar Module.
  • PCB Board
  • Parts of LED Tube
  • Other Accessories

Solar System Characteristics

  • Solar Home System has DC to DC output.
  • All type of solar system both has DC of AC output have on grid and off grid system.
  • The system in with inner charge of automatic switch, when power off it can switch automatically & take use off battery power to run load, when power on it also can switch automatically & take use of main power at the same time charging battery.
  • The inverter is pure sine wave. Can loading housing Air condition of refrigerator very smooth if you need.
  • Each Component has single chip Detach, which are self protection.
  • The system can update configuration easily, just add up the components & increase the system Power capacity.


Solar Power system included solar panel, solar charge controller, pure sine wave inverter, UPS, AC backup, charge & cable for panel. The system can update any time when need more energy.
Solar Power system can make electricity power from sunshine, its totally free energy. The system is with inner charge & automatic switch, when power off it can switch automatically & take use off battery power to run load, when power on it also can switch automatically & take use of main power at the same time charging battery & solar system not only have solar power system function, also have UPS function. When solar power not enough, you can use UPS Power as well, also the solar UPS Can Connect with grid electricity.

Our Motto

Our motto is “we given our quality, quality give you the guarantee” and that is “Because we care for you” and for which we offer customers a very special personalized after sales-service with absolute and non-compromising quality with confidence.