Green Power is a sister concern of ZH Group Based in Dhaka, Bangladesh is a leading renewable energy company specializing in the engineering of PV Power Stations, Rooftop PV Installation, Street Light & Water Pumps etc, Rural Electrification & other innovative solutions powered by the free, abundant energy of the sun.


We offer complete power solutions of pre-assembled and custom-engineered systems for industrial, commercial, residential & government applications. Green Power has risen to lead the empowering environmentally friendly power vitality arrangements, particularly through delivering superb Mono-crystalline and Poly-crystalline silicon sun powered Photo-voltaic modules of different sizes as per the needs of the general population at moderate expense. Green Power is a national leader in green energy services. We make green energy available to factories, homeowners, businesses, schools, non-profits and government organizations at a lower cost than they pay for energy generated by burning fossil fuels like oil, natural gas and coal. We have been acquiring invaluable knowledge on solar Photo-voltaic technology through its partners, for example, skilled workers, researches, technological partners and well-wishers around the world.


We believe sustainable energy is the biggest challenge – and the biggest opportunity – of present moment. We expose the best in sustainable energy and show the world it’s probable to improve lives, increase economic growth and accelerate the evolution to a low-carbon world. We will create, finance, build develop and as of now works a number of the world’s biggest lattice associated PV force plants in presence. By incorporating advancements, administrations and ability over the whole sun based quality chain; First Solar conveys bankable PV vitality arrangements that empower a world controlled by dependable and moderate solar based power.

Our Scope of supply and service:

  • Solar Home System (SHS)
  • Solar LED Integrated Street Light System
  • Solar Roof-top System
  • Solar Mini Grid System
  • Industrial & Commercial solution of solar power generation system
  • Net Metering
  • Solar Irrigation Pump system

Our Products:

  • Solar PV Module (IDCOL Approved)
  • Solar On/Off Grid Inverter (IDCOL Approved)
  • Solar Charge Controller (IDCOL Approved)
  • Different Types of Batteries like as Solar Batteries (IDCOL Approved), IPS Batteries and Auto rickshaw Batteries
  • Different Types of Cables like as power cables, domestic cables and solar cables (IDCOL Approved)
  • LED Lights AC/DC (IDCOL Approved)
  • Other accessories like as Circuit Breakers, Structure, Light Holder, Fan, Structure, Nut-bolt etc.  


Already we were successfully installed solar street lighting systems to the 50 numbers of the cyclone centre in Cox’s Bazar, Bangladesh. Green Power installed solar power systems to the 10 number of schools cum medical centers in Rohinga Camp, Cox’s Bazar, Bangladesh.   

Future Plan:

Green Power believes that green technologies can protect Bangladesh and at the same time contribute towards its socio-economic development. We want to develop Bangladesh as a success story, showing what can be done with renewable in a developing country, and take this success to other developing countries, as source of inspiration where 1.6 billion energy starved people remain in the dark around the world. Increased aspirations, failure of grid electricity, growing machination and disposable income have created huge potential for solar energy in rural areas. Bangladesh government has set a target of reaching all with electricity by 2020. Momentum has been created for solar power which our rural people have accepted whole–heartedly. Solar & other renewable are in a position to play a very important role to complement government efforts to take electricity to all by 2020.

Green Power can be proud that Bangladesh has a world class Solar PV (Photo voltaic) technology dissemination model that has effectively demonstrated that the solar energy applications can be scaled up massively and rapidly to provide an affordable and climate friendly energy option for the rural people. It is the high time to seriously consider the potential of solar and other renewable energy technologies in Bangladesh and Green Power is working toward achieving the target.