Importance of training towards development is boundless. With great devotion BRIDGE imparted gradual training to its members and employees to increase their aptitude for expected good output of work. Research and training center of the organizations are responsible for increasing aptitude and development of thinking power according to the need of BRIDGE.

 Main objectives of this program are

  • To raise their consciousness about socio-economic development.
  • To create leadership and aptitude among them for earning social development.
  • Aptitude and program of action should be made for them for socio-economic development.
  • To change the primitive thoughts of women folk and motivate them to take active role in the development & production.
  • For building capacity of people’s institution & their office bearers, following training has been provided.
  • BRIDGE introduced two kind of training keeping arrangement for system of development in turreted:
  1. External Training
  2. Internal Training


1.External Training

Staffs are receive program wise training through different organization like CARE, CDF, BRAC, ALRD, PKSF, ILO, BNNRC, CAMPE, BWSPP, DPHE and abroad for ICT (Information, Communication and Technology), Micro-credit Summit, etc.











2.Internal Training

BRIDGE has in-built system to impart training on different aspects of integrated development and technicalities for both its beneficiaries and staff. It enables participating Group members and worker gradually to raise their consciousness, social progress and technical on development.

BRIDGE Values & Culture 300
Financial & Operation 150
Operation & Management  150
Technical Training Solar Home System 2000
Group Dynamics & High Performance Team Building 2000
Pre Service Training 120
Loan Management 500

Micro credit Savings Management 

Agro Machinery Training 



Total  6120


Research and Development:

  1. To carry on the business to own, establish, acquire, run, operate, manage, maintain, develop, promote, administer, advertise, either on its own or through franchisee fully equipped technical training institution, to promote and disseminate knowledge, create awareness and provide a common forum of interaction amongst professionals and government agencies, establish effective co-ordination, to organize training courses and special programs to impart training, correspondence courses, coaching classes for any stream, any level, any profession courses, for Technical Trade Courses like as Solar Basic Program, Electrical Program, Electronics Program, Mechanical Program and other various programs, Information technology (IT) like as computer knowledge, software, hardware, networking, Agriculture Science like as Paltry Live Stock and other programs, Health and Nutrition Program and finally Language Courses such as English, Arabic and others necessaries courses.
  2. To award diplomas, certificate and other distinctions to trained candidates and to prescribe standards of proficiency before the award of such diplomas, certificates and other distinctions.
  3. To conduct and support Research and Development in the Skill Development Sector to learn from innovative and emerging trends globally for improving livelihoods. To develop and support projects on Skill Development in traditional as well as sunrise sectors. To document and evaluate existing training / skill development and vocational training programs and recommend phasing out of out-dated programs and to introduce new trades. To evaluate skills of existing trainers and arrange for upgrading/ re-skilling through Training of Trainers (TOT) program. To organize and support special capacity building programs for the physically and mentally challenged persons. To sponsor select persons/ groups, including Self Help Groups (SHGs), for special capacity building programs outside the State in Bangladesh and abroad.
  4. To promote Bangladesh as a global tourist destination and to attract tourists to the country from all over the world and to provide all lawful services and facilities to the tourists; To provide information to tourists and tour operating companies across the globe about events and places of interest in Bangladesh and about available facilities and to develop and offer tour packages to them; To promote domestic tourism in Bangladesh as well as outbound tourism from Bangladesh and provide all services to them including services abroad through partner companies or branch offices as may exist in future; To establish, set up, own, hire, operate and run tourism related facilities in various parts of Bangladesh including but not limited to, hotels, motels, guesthouses, resorts and any other type of accommodation that may be required by or for tourists and visitors; To set up and operate travel agencies and carry ticketing and all other related businesses and also to enter into agreements with foreign airlines to run their online and off line GSA or PSA in Bangladesh; To obtain license from Bangladesh Bank to deal in foreign exchange to facilitate tourism;
  5. To carry on the business of hoteliers, restaurant, cafe, tavern, subject to the law of the State, refreshment rooms and lodge-house keepers, motels, auto courts, holiday camps and apartment house keepers, manufacturers of and dealers in aerated, mineral and artificial waters and other drinks, purveyors and caterers for public amusements and to the extent permitted by law and spirit merchants, brewers, matters and distillers. To carry on the business of bakers, confectioners, milk sellers, dairy men, grocers, butchers, poultices, farmers, ice merchants and ice cream makers, and to buy, sell, import and produce, manufacture or otherwise deal in food and food products, meat, groceries, fruits, biscuits, confectionery, linen, furniture and furnishings and other articles required in connection with the main business.
  6. To build, make, construct, purchase, equip, maintain and improve, alter, lease and work concert halls, ball rooms and music halls, cinema theatres, lodging restaurant houses, chattels, cottages etc. To carry on, either in connection with the business aforesaid or as distinct and separate business, the business of ice makers, ice vendors, manufacturers, hirers of and dealers in refrigerators, air-conditioners, refrigerating chambers and apparatus relating thereto, warehouse keepers and stores of all commodities, goods, articles in refrigerators, ice chambers or otherwise.
  7. To carry on the business of travel agents, recognized dealers of foreign exchange and as proprietors and managers of motors and other vehicles, garage proprietors, dealers in curios and to develop and promote tourism. To manufacture, procure, collect, exchange, buy, sell and deal in sculptures, statuettes, engravings, carvings, bronzes, enamels, decorative articles, ornamental articles, jewelry, ornaments, medals and medallions, gems, precious and semi-precious stones, and such other decorative objects, clothes, textiles, books, newspapers, periodicals, photographic materials, guest consumables, works of art and fancy articles as the Company may consider capable of being conveniently dealt in relation to its business. To hold, conduct, or otherwise participate in exhibitions, cultural shows, floor games, food exhibitions, fashion parade and conduct exhibitions and matches in all games indoors and out-door, open to the public or any section thereof; To manufacture, buy, sell, exchange, alter, improve, manipulate, prepare for market and otherwise deal in all kinds of plant, machinery, apparatus, tools, utensils, substances, materials and things necessary or convenient for carrying on any of the above specified businesses relating to hotels and allied activities;